Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Beginning

Rec Team Captain is a culmination of ideas I had back in 1990. I was playing on a mens softball team, and every Saturday night the captain would call me to make sure I was going to be there. I knew he was calling everybody on the team and then calling more people to find subs for the people who said they weren't going to play.

After I moved to Spokane, I started playing on a co-ed soccer team. This time, at some point during the week, I would get an email from the captain to see if I was playing. She wanted to know "right away" so she could find subs. More emailing or calling.

I knew there had to be an easier and better way. After all, it was 2009. The web can do anything, right? That's when my ideas from 1990 coalesced into what has become Rec Team Captain.

It's very simple really. Allow the captain to enter the team's schedule and add players' email addresses. Then have the system email the players and track who is and is not playing. Sort of a set it and forget it for recreational team management.

So Rec Team Captain was born and is available now at

Enjoy and I hope you find it useful.

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